PVTx is one of most exciting and promising products of our company, able to process single and multiple data sets of oil compositions simultaneously. Ideal for EOR processes since it can combined in-situ oil compositions with a second or third liquid or gas phase. Uses a comprehensive multicomponent database, and sophisticated models for binary interaction parameters


1. Standard Software capabilities


Single, two, and three phase flash calculations Includes water as a single phase Uses several models to Lump and Split oil compositions


2. Reproduces experimental data such as:


a. Constant Composition Expansion

b. Differential Liberation

c. Constant Volume depletion

d. Separators tests

e. Swelling tests and Single phase compressibility


Optimizes: everything including:


Two phase flase, three phase flash, phase envelopes, Saturation Pressures, Saturation Temperatures Criocondertherms, Critical Points, plus all available experimental data With an easy to use graphical user interface, PVT-GCRE is becoming one of the leading market softwares for the examination of fluid injection in EOR processes





Choose from over three hundred components, introduce your distillation curves, or customize your own petroleum pseudo-components





Use our own property database or create your own





Do or optimize single, two phase, or three phase flash calculations, in single pressure temperature points, in steps, or along T-P curves





Create or OPTIMIZE your saturation pressures, saturation temperatures, phase envelopes, critical points, for one or more mixtures simultaneously