Downstream Expertise

We provide solutions for the implementation of custom models in process simulators, and material behavior prediction. We also assist the energy and chemical industries through work in design, operations troubleshooting, and process modeling applications. We have an extensive background in developing thermodynamic models for industrial processes. We use rigorous thermodynamic methods and our extensive experimental data library combined with the client’s proprietary data to develop custom property prediction packages for difficult to model systems. Our modeling capabilities cover natural gas processing, refinery, petrochemical, chemical and specialty chemicals, including chemically reactive systems.


Upstream Expertise

We provide practical solutions for oil/gas reservoir modeling and process simulation, developing rigorous theoretical models, testing them with experimental data, optimizing their numerical solution and delivering custom designed and user friendly software. Our upstream experience includes enhanced oil recovery (EOR/IOR) processes, CO2 sequestration, solvent injection, heavy oil SAGD, conceptual studies evaluating alternate fuel sources, and general reservoir/geochemical engineering modeling.


Computational Modeling

We are also able to provide solutions to clients by calculating thermodynamic, PVT and transport properties of pure substances and mixtures, including adapting equations of state, determining binary interaction parameters and adjusting or elaborating activity coefficient models. We develop new and calibrate existing theoretical thermodynamic models for determining physicalchemical properties of pure substances or mixtures at any pressure or temperature. We implement and develop mathematical algorithms and numerical methods for solving nonlinear equations associated with phase separation, speciation, multiphase flash calculations, mass balance, heat transfer and chemical processes in general.