The only software in the market that combines, single, two phase, and three phase flash calculation with aqueous speciation AND mineral precipitation or dissolution Perez et al (2012)


EQUILIBRIA-GCRE not only calculates the saturation index of minerals in aqueous solutions, but calculates the amount of minerals that will precipitate and/or dissolve under equilibrium with oil and gas using real equations of state, flash calculations, and combining fluid phase equilibria with electrolyte theory.


This simulator is useful for calculating porosity changes upon gas injection (such as CO2) in EOR Enhance Oil Recovery projects.
Calculates standard quantities such as:


  • Species in Solutions
  • Quantities of mineral, and vapor liquid reactions.
  • Equilibrium Constants, phase amounts fugacity or activity coefficients of aqueous, minerals, vapor-liquid etc reaction
  • Simultaneously gives results for two and three phase flash calculations, speciation, plus mineral precipitation
  • Works together with PVT-GCRE importing complex multiphase mixtures into the calculations
  • The simulator also conducts a number of adiabatic isenthalpic speciation calculations needed for Enhanced Energy Recovery (EER) of geothermal fields




Easy to understand Graphical User Interface. Combines speciation, mineral precipitation and dissolution with two and three phase flash calculation


Able to process batch of samples simultaneously, and plot data in more than 10 different diagrams with a single click





Calculates saturation indexes plus has a special module from which you can calculate the actual mineral amounts precipitating or dissolving in your two or three fluid phase (oil or oil and gas) reactive mixture





Uses input and output of the speciation models to calculate CO2 corrosion rates of mixtures based on the standard practices and public models





Does Adiabatic isenthalpic boiling and cooling calculations, typically used for the prediction of corrosion and scaling in geothermal production pipes.